Niels Eijkelamp, PhD

University Medical Center Utrecht

Dr. Niels Eijkelkamp is Associated Professor at the Center for Translational Immunology at the University Medical Center Utrecht, The Netherlands. Dr. Eijkelkamp leads an experimental group at the UMCU. His basic research focusses on elucidating the cellular and molecular basis of neuro-immune interactions in pain resolution and chronification. His work has identified intriguing roles of immune cell and cytokines that regulate sensory pathways in osteoarthritis and inflammation. His work has contributed to the identification of novel strategies to treat chronic pain including, but not limited to, fusion of anti-inflammatory cytokines to trigger endogenous resolution pathways. He is one of the co-founders of Synerkine Pharma, a start-up devoted to develop cytokine fusion protein for the treatment of pain and OA. His clinical interest focusses on identification of targets that may predict pain persistence in OA.