Frank Barry, PhD

Colorado State University


Frank Barry is Director, Translational Medicine Institute, Colorado State University and Professor of Cellular Therapy at the Regenerative Medicine Institute at the University of Galway in Ireland. He has contributed to the fields of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine by developing innovative and successful cellular therapies for tissue repair, joint injury and arthritic disease. In a large body of basic and translational research, he has contributed to our current understanding of the phenotypic attributes of mesenchymal stromal cells that make them attractive candidates for advanced therapeutics. He has also contributed to the development of methods for automated, efficient and scalable cell expansion for GMP application and has been a leader in the development of clinical protocols for patient testing. He has coordinated clinical trials designed to test the efficacy of stromal cell delivery as a treatment for osteoarthritis. He contributes as a board member of multiple corporations and research bodies and has acted as an advisor to research agencies throughout Europe and North America. He has published widely in the areas of cell technology and therapeutic applications in arthritic disease and his work continues to be highly cited. He has been the recipient of the Marshall Urist Award for excellence in tissue regeneration research from the Orthopaedic Research Society. He was elected as a member of the Royal Irish Academy in 2021.