Pre-Congress Workshop 3: The STEpUP OA Consortium – Large Scale Agnostic Molecular Analysis of Synovial Fluid to Search for Endotypes in OA

Date/Time: Friday, March 17, 2023 - 8:00 AM to 10:30 AM
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The STEpUP OA Consortium was set up in 2019 with 14 participating International partners
drawn from academica and industry. Its primary aim was to answer whether OA is a single
disease at the molecular level or whether it is made up of multiple distinct molecular
endotypes. The approach has been to measure over 7000 proteins (using the SomaLogic
platform) from over 1800 synovial fluid samples taken from individuals with OA or following
acute knee injury. Molecular sample analysis was completed in January 2022 and the data
have performed well and analysis pipeline was locked down at the end 2022. In this pre-
conference meeting we will share, for the first time, the results of the primary analysis and
reveal whether we have found distinct molecular endotypes in OA, and how these relate to
cross-sectional patient phenotypes, including pain. We will also highlight identified key
molecular pathways that drive molecular signatures. We believe that this will be a highly
informative dataset that will be of interest to the basic as well as the clinical scientists of OARSI.

Speakers will include:

Background, Rationale, and Introduction to The STEpUP OA Consortium
Tonia Vincent

Patient Data and Sample Management
Fiona Watt

QC Analysis of Somalogic Dataset
Luke Jostins

Are There Molecular Endotypes in OA?
Yun Deng

Molecular and Clinical Correlations
Tom Perry