Speaker/Oral Presenter Guidelines

Invited Speakers & Oral Presenters

Uploading your Presentation:

You must be registered for the congress to submit your presentation.  Please visit the registration page on our website for more information.

UPLOAD Presentation


Presentation Submission Deadline: March 10, 2023

On-Site at the Event

  • Located in Plaza Court 7
  • Check-in is REQUIRED for all presenters!
  • Please check in at the Speaker Ready Room 4 hours BEFORE your presentation!
  • At this time, you are able to view and edit your presentation. Please verify that all fonts appear as expected and that all sound and video clips, etc. are working properly.
  • If needed, you can upload a new version of your PowerPoint on-site in the Speaker Ready Room. We encourage you to bring your own memory stick (USB flash drive) with the updated file or to use to pull it off your laptop.
  • Presenter View is available. Please speak with the Speaker Ready Room staff and let them know if you would like Presenter View for your presentation. This will allow your view to show the current slide, your upcoming slide, and the notes.
  • All meeting rooms will be provided with presentation computers identical to those in the Speaker Ready Room and will be synchronized from a central server located in the Speaker Ready Room.
  • Each meeting room will use widescreen projectors connected to the podium laptop at a resolution of 1920 x 1080. The podium laptop computer will be running Windows 10 with Office 2019.
  • For best results, all presentations should be in 16:9 (widescreen) format. Presenter View option is available when requested ahead of time.
  • When the presentation is to be given, the file will be accessed via the on-screen menu on the podium computer. Once the presentation is launched, the presenter will control the presentation from the podium using the laptop’s arrow keys and track pad. Wireless advancers are also typically available.
  • USB ports on the computers have security to prevent files from being copied back to devices.
  • Cameras and video equipment are NOT permitted in the Speaker Ready Room.
  • All files on the computers are deleted at the end of the conference.
  • The best way to ensure your success is to follow these guidelines and to visit the Speaker Ready Room at least 4 hours before (or the day before) your presentation time. Our technicians are ready and eager to assist you.

For technical questions, please e-mail the Events Team at: jpeterson@avfx.com
For general questions, please e-mail the OARSI Meetings Team at info@oarsi.org